Term one is off to a flying start and what a whirl wind of excitement we have had since commencing on Feb 2nd. We have seen our school triple in growth and our professional team double in size in 2015. I'm loving every minute of every day teaching and sharing these wonderful experiences with my not so little family.

WEEK ONE: We saw the commencement of new class start in our newly refreshed studio space. We are loving the new graffiti art, divided studio space, air conditioning and are excitedly awaiting the installation of our new mirrors. To add to the excitement Mr Dane created and designed our new portable ballet barres which we LOVE!!! Which was an unexpected addition to the studio in term one. We are so Blessed. 
We saw classes reach record numbers again this term with our senior classes being exceptionally popular. And in 2015 we have seen our adults classes sky rocket to 15 members. These Ladies have so much talent and enthusiasm its insane what they are achieving.
At the end of week one we were delighted to be invited to be involved in a wonderful charity event Reach Out Family Fun Day down at Hall Park raising money for the Mandurah children's refuge. And while it was hot and I mean HOT everyone had a blast. We enjoyed performing and being apart of such a special day!! Oh and we went viral!! have you seen our jamming video that went viral?
WEEK TWO: Saw the students getting into the swing of things again, classes got their rhythm back again and some of the muscle soreness started to ease. We had our first fundraising chocolates delivery arrive and we began our first official meetings for America in Dec.
WEEK THREE - FIVE: The last few weeks have been an insane blur of craziness including preparations for america, competition choreography under way, concert costume preparation (yes we now have our own official costume designer) and all round hard work and training. In week three we had a visit from Drew Mitchell our most favorite Myotherpist from Trigger Health Mandurah. Drew came in to discuss with our senior girls the importance of looking after your bodies, he trained some trigger therapy with us and then review injuries and body complaints on the girls. It was fabulous and we look forward to having him back next term. We saw the arrival of our newly designed uniforms which are stunning and available for purchase on the website or in the studio for $30.00 each.
WEEK SIX: Well we are now into week six and I have no idea where the time has gone! This week has been the most amazing week of my teaching career. Never in my life have I seen overall improvement in dance technique from every single class and in every single age group. Its one of those moments as a dance teacher you can only ever dream of! We have such an exception bunch of students again this year I cant wait to showcase them in the concert. We have had students nailing quadruple pirouettes, fouette turns into double pirouettes, adults performing split leaps and double turns, junior dances nailing tilts.. I'm so impressed and so grateful to be your their teacher. This weekend we are off to crabfest to work for the council and this week we also see the launch of our new Phone APP.. That's right you heard me an APPLE & ANDRIOD PHONE APP four our existing students and parents. The App is free and downloadable now from the app store. The app was designed to aid all our beloved students and parents to keep well informed in all things to do with the school, competitions and more.. Best part is you now have the timetable at the touch of a button. Check it out now... 
WEEK SEVEN - TEN: We now work very hard to prepare for term two and competitions, lots of rehearsals and new choreography being learnt.. But that's why we love what we do =) We are excited to announce we welcome Lucy Ellis and Courtney Gledhil into our studio in week ten to work with invited seniors and company members. Lucy Ellis is one of the biggest names in Dance in Australia her private and group couching has become internationally recognised so we are excited to have her. Miss Courtney is one of our favs from the fabulous Top Jazz Ballet in Bunbury. She has been professionally working all over the world and is home for a limited time from China in April to come work with our girls in the fields of Hip Hop and Acro. We cant wait to have them both.

And then we start all over again =)

FUNDRAISING: We are currently selling chocolates and calendars in the studio so please if you can purchase on to support the girls we would greatly appreciate it. Calendars are only $20.00 and Chocolates from $1.00ea Let get these amazing kids to america!!

So After all that I think that's all I have to share. I look forward to chatting with you all again soon! Don't forget to visit us on facebook @dtxdancestudios...


xxx Miss Tash